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P.A.S.T (Participatory, Accountable, Skillful and Trustworthy) Vetting Platform - Proposals and People

P.A.S.T. Is a Web Based Reputation system similar to reddits up/down voting system.  a user's online and offline activity for the greater good is rated by how Participatory, Accountable, Skillful and Trustworthy it is. You can build P.A.S.T by contributing ideas and proposals, guiding people into a positive direction, doing anything good that the community considers helpful to the betterment of group.
When the operation of the society is established by tracking people and actions, accountability is much easier to obtain as people will have an incentive to participate and develop a good reputation. People that have ulterior motives need secrecy to survive. a Traceable reputation system minimizes secrecy in the operation of the society.
For more information about how this can work please check out the "New Party" material in the "Inspiration" section