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Organizational and Political representation is a tactic used by psychopaths in positions in power to convince good people to go along with centralizing decisions at the top to take away the individual power of the people. If you really want to take resopsibilty for change you will:

  1. Recognize your self-worth with out the need to compare yourself to others
  2. Do what you can to limit or remove your support in any system that does not operate for the benefit of mankind.
  3. Do what you can to educate others in what you have done to alter your relationship with government and support others where possible in helping them alter their relationship with government. 


The best way to stop an abuse or corruption is to stop supporting it in the following ways:

  1. Take responsibility in its creation, by recognizing your ignorance of, or participation in it with your money, time or energy.
  2. Do what you can in your own life to remove your support.
  3. Do what you can to bring awareness to others by letting them know your part in its creation and what you have done to remove your support.



Petitioning or Protesting a malicious entity sets up the dynamic of putting the petitioners or the protesters in the role of children and the malicious entity in the role of nanny. In order to grow up and no longer need a nanny you need to be able to take action yourself to learn how you are being perceived as a child, take the steps necessary to become an adult and act to right any wrongs being done to yourself or your fellow man. Protesting sends a message that you are expecting them to change without you doing any actual work to make them change. Nobody is going to tell you why they are acting against you, you have to find that information out yourself. You will usually find that the malicious entity has a perception of you that doesn't line up with your understanding of yourself, that allows them to jusify their actions against you. You need to correct this misunderstanding by claiming your right to act as an adult, and taking action that any normal adult would take to stop what ever action is causing harm.

If you want to bring real change you need to:

  • Pool together resources from your community participants that you can use to circumvent the malicious entity by taking control of it's source of supply and demand.
  • Stop investing resources into the malicious entity: Time, Money or Energy.
  • Bring awareness of the divestment strategy and its successes to your community.

This actually happened in Boliva, Mcdonalds withdrew from the country entirely  when the people refused to purchase the product.. This is all you need to do.

Politics is a lazy mans game. Its for people that don't want to take an active approach to making the world a better place. Also it has the effect of putting some politician in your place as your mouth piece. During the beginning of civilization the only people that were allowed to have mouth pieces are the insane and mentally unstable since they didn't know how to speak and act for themselves. So the question is, are you insane or mentally unstable? If the answer is yes stay right where you are and let someone else take charge of your life until you are ready to assume control without getting involved in political movements. If the answer is no then what they hell have you been doing all this time? Get out from under the state you put yourself in and act.

When you vote, or get involved in politics you are signaling to the world that you are not competent enough to speak and act for yourself. And this system of government treats you exactly like a kid that needs a nanny.

When you are ready to become an adult and start righting wrongs yourself with the help of the community by not allowing yourself to be manipulated by a system of control with employment, government and academic education you can join the rest of us who have broken free of this illusion and are starting to be a part of making the world a better place.

 Remember you can never win by playing the role of a victim. Stop letting society dictate to you your range of responses to any unjust act. You have to act from a place of power if you want any real change to happen, and you need to inform yourself and others so that you can act from this place of power.

Support Community Projects that focus on Decentralizing Power

 The more centralization there is of decision making the harder it is to make real change. Support people and projects with goals of shifting decision making into local communities.